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Alyssa Mees

Medium of Choice: Acrylic or Oil
Alyssa Mees Trekell Pro Artist

“I was introduced to Trekell about 10 years ago when my brother gifted me a Craola brush set for Christmas. They were the best brushes I had ever used, so I began steadily switching out my older brushes for Trekell. It was an easy decision since they were affordable and lasted a long time.

I continued following the company’s growth throughout the years and was especially excited to see them at DesignerCon! Every year I would stop by their booth and pick up some new brushes or watch a Pro Artist paint. I’ve admired not only their products, but also the connection they make with the art community.”

Alyssa Mees | Trekell Art Supply

Alyssa Mees Trautz is a graphic designer, painter, and illustrator based in Southern California. Throughout 15 years of creating, she has drawn inspiration from her fascination with animals, nature, and street art. She strives to learn, explore, and grow with each piece she creates.

Alyssa Mees | Trekell Art Supply

Alyssa comes from a creative family of painters, a tattoo artist, a baker and a musician. She began to embrace art late in her high school years when her favorite teacher encouraged her to keep painting.

Alyssa Mees | Trekell Art Supply

She works as a full time brand manager and paints in the evenings and on the weekends. When she isn’t working, Alyssa enjoys cooking, eating, and spending time with her husband and dog.

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