Collection: Trekell Watercolor Paper Panels - High-Quality Watercolor Painting Surface

Explore our collection of Trekell Watercolor Paper Panels, meticulously designed to provide artists with a premium surface for watercolor painting. These panels feature high-quality watercolor paper mounted on a sturdy backing, ensuring durability and preventing warping. Experience the joy of painting on a professional-grade watercolor surface with Trekell Watercolor Paper Panels, ideal for artists of all skill levels.

Using Acrylic Brushes for Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a popular paint medium, especially for its fast-drying qualities. Because it is chemical-based and more elastic, it can be tricky to work with, causing streaks to form with certain brush types. That is why it's important to use proper paintbrushes for acrylic painting.

Our Paintbrushes for Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paintbrushes are made with synthetic bristles to hold paint and provide smooth strokes. Synthetic bristles are also much easier to clean and dry much faster, so you can get painting again right away. As with any good quality paintbrush, acrylic brushes last longer and lend a better finish, increasing your efficiency in the studio.As artists ourselves, Trekell knows exactly what you need in an acrylic paintbrush. We design our acrylic brushes with premium materials to ensure you get the best quality painting experience. Some notable characteristics of our brushes include:

Synthetic bristles: Synthetic bristles are ideal for heavy and elastic acrylic paint. Our acrylic paintbrushes have synthetic bristles that provide excellent color retention from the palate to the canvas. These bristles will also hold their shape for years to come.

Various shapes: Acrylic brushes come in several different shapes, each intended for its own purpose. Trekell carries brush sets in every shape you'll need, including round, bright, flat, filbert, fan and angular flat.

Range of sizes: Painting with acrylic paint often requires small, thin brushes to add delicate details to your canvas. We also have every size of paintbrush you need for every finishing touch.

Choosing Trekell's Acrylic Paintbrush Sets

You deserve to have paintbrushes from a company you can trust. At Trekell, we thrive on:

Quality: We are dedicated to excellence, only offering quality art supplies we would use ourselves. We constantly push the boundaries of production and sustainability to be your one-stop art shop.

Community: Trekell is committed to serving our artist community. We often offer competitions through our website and Instagram page to bring artists together and showcase their talent.

Accessibility: Artists worldwide deserve access to quality art supplies. While we have a storefront in Hesperia, California, our supplies are also available to purchase online or in various stores around the world.

Browse Our Acrylic Paintbrush Collection Today

Trekell's acrylic paintbrushes are made to last, so you can spend more time working on what matters — your artwork. With every purchase, you will earn Bristle Bucks — our reward program to redeem points and get discounts on future orders. 

Take a look at our selection of acrylic paintbrush sets and add your favorite ones to your cart! Your ideal paintbrushes are just an order away!