Trekell Crimson Taklon Brushes

Trekell Crimson Taklon Brushes

Trekell Crimson Taklon Brushes

It’s February, it’s 2021, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, and you could use a mental and creative boost. What to do? How about buying yourself some new paintbrushes and getting to work on a piece inspired by current events? You’ve got Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, all sorts of national and global political happenings, and winter storms, or you could escape into fantasy and dream up something from an entirely different world. 

Artwork By: The Obanoth

 You’ve probably heard about or used our Golden Taklon brushes. They’re classic favorites and many of our Pro Team members swear by them. We’ve recently added our new Crimson Taklon line, and it is equally amazing! 

Our Crimson Taklon brushes are stiffer than their Golden siblings, which makes them fantastic options for acrylics, oils, and watercolors. These synthetic brushes go through a couple of processes that give them their excellent features:  the bristles get a tapering process that gives them the ability to soak up a lot of liquid just like a natural hair while retaining sharpness; then, they get a double heating treatment which provides an unbeatable snap. Crimson Taklons are available on short or long black handles, allowing you the control level that’s right for you and your work. And did we say they’re gorgeous? They’re gorgeous, and they come in every shape you could desire--round, bright, filbert, script/rigger, and liner--and every size you need. 

Artwork By: The Obanoth

February is the month of love and the time of year when a lot of us are inside working on our art. Valentine’s Day is a terrific excuse to treat yourself to a set of Crimson Taklons or gift some of these redheaded beauties to your beloved or your BFF. Why buy flowers for them (or yourself) when you can paint those blooms and preserve them forever? Grab some today and start your labor of love. 



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