Valentine’s Day, Love, and Art 

Valentine’s Day, Love, and Art 

Valentine’s Day, Love, and Art 

Creating art as an expression of love, pain, angst, or anything to do with romantic love is nothing new. In fact, one could safely say that love has been the inspiration for many works of art throughout time. Literary art, such as poetry, is an obvious one. Visual art, such as Banksy’s “Gay Bobbies,” is a modern, provocative tribute to love. Love songs, plays, films, even wearable art like Cartier’s famous “Love” bracelet, only removable with a special tool, all represent intense feelings from the creator to the viewer and hopefully the muse or recipient.

Wine and Canvas nights have become a popular way for both couples and friends to spend quality time together, bonding over a shared activity and, of course, wine if they choose to imbibe. Not so long ago it wasn’t uncommon for those going on first or third dates even to attend a cooking class together, or engage in some kind of artistic activity. 

Love and art in all its forms have gone hand-in-hand for ages. It’s no wonder that a holiday dedicated to the celebration of love still exists in modern times despite its somewhat macabre 5th-century origins. And, it’s not a surprise that the more the world and western religions evolved to accommodate emotion and feelings into their teachings and traditions, artists became more likely to incorporate personal inspirations into their works. 

If you’re feeling the love this year and want to make a special gesture towards someone special, (or, if you’re self-partnered, paint something just for yourself,) consider these limited-edition Trekell art panels. They make a pretty fantastic surface on which to paint your love-inspired masterpiece. Grab a few if you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day painting with a partner. Be sure to tag us #trekell and @trekell_art_supplies on Instagram--we can’t wait to see your work!



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