Sustainable Synthetic Brushes--New Technology for the Win | Trekell Art Supply

Sustainable Synthetic Brushes--New Technology for the Win

The art world has been perfecting technology over the years to improve the tools of the trade and to become less reliant on natural resources. This includes synthetic brush hair made to mimic Kolinsky Sable, which has become harder and harder for art materials suppliers to come by for the past several years.

Some 50-70 years ago, tech companies began making synthetic filaments to be used in applications such as brushes of all types, including art paint brushes. Many advancements have been made since then, and today there is a new filament that has been introduced to the market that mimics Kolinsky Sable hair better than any synthetic out there.

So why is there a need for synthetic Kolinsky-Sable hair? Several reasons: the natural hair has quadrupled in price over the past 10 years.

There have been numerous bans and trade embargos that have affected availability. Supply issues obviously affect prices--natural Kolinsky-Sable hair brushes are quite expensive.

Then there is the issue of sustainability; many animals from which brush hair is derived are farmed or killed in great numbers. Creating a filament so superior that it makes the synthetic version of Kolinsky-Sable hair brushes an actual improvement over the natural hair version means that artists have not just a great alternative, they can buy a brush at a lower cost with better performance.

Sustainable Synthetic Brushes--New Technology for the Win | Trekell Art Supply

What is different about synthetic brushes now?

Since the 1950s sustainable technology has hit the art world in a major way with new filament tech that is better than its natural haired predecessors. Advances in filament technology mean better brushes in myriad ways.

Filaments started being developed approximately 50 years ago and have come a long way, of course. Back in the 1950s, when nylon filaments were first being used, they imitated hog bristles.

Then the US banned bristle imports from China so the development of filaments more similar to natural hair really took off. Technology has come so far, especially in the past several years.

These new synthetics not only mimic natural Kolinsky-Sable bristles, they exceed their performance so it’s an entirely better product. 

Why would an artist prefer to use a synthetic over natural bristle brush?

There are several reasons. Synthetics don’t shed or bend. Synthetics are totally adaptable, laying down washes, fills, and lines with ease. They absorb and release liquids better than older synthetic brushes on the market. They’re soft, flexible, and durable, and their price points are affordable.

Sustainable Synthetic Brushes--New Technology for the Win | Trekell Art Supply

Why should I care about animal welfare as an artist?

As far as animal welfare goes, farming conditions of the animals used to make natural hair brushes aren’t great, and that’s an understatement. If one is concerned about hygiene, natural hair is probably not the way to go--Red Sable doesn’t actually come from a sable, but from the tail of a certain type of weasel.

Several arguments can be made in favor of sustainable hunting practices in places like Siberia, and that’s fine for some. For others the issue is not so simple and they feel better knowing they’re not contributing to the destruction of animals and therefore prefer synthetics. 

Won’t plastics/tech be the death of us? 

No. Plastics give us the ability to sustain where we’re at, make our art more beautiful and vibrant, and make it last longer. Science. We love it, we need it, and it has allowed us to stick around for this long and helped us make and preserve art. Synthetic brushes are the future and they’re not going away. Natural bristles, on the other hand, are the dodos.

Sure, there are some aspects of plastics and tech that aren’t helpful to the environment, but this particular topic hinges on sustainable plastics and filaments that scientists have been working on for decades to make sure we don’t deplete our planet’s animals.

Ok, Trekell, show us what you got - We’ve come out with two synthetic lines designed to provide a superior art brush experience--the Protégé Plus line and the Sienna line. 

Sustainable Synthetic Brushes--New Technology for the Win | Trekell Art Supply

Our newest line, the
Protégé Plus, is futuristic and offers the most realistic synthetic filament on the market. Similar in appearance to classic kolinsky brushes, these offer superior performance.

They’ve been subjected to a barrage of stroke tests for performance and durability and have proven to do both, ensuring that they’ll last for years to come. These brushes are a zero-loss investment--super-performing, super-durable, and affordable. 

Sustainable Synthetic Brushes--New Technology for the Win | Trekell Art Supply

Sienna line is not only beautiful, it has brains. These brushes mimic natural Red Sable hair brushes but they have one of the finest points on the market. This gives them superiority over natural filaments in many regards, including performance, durability, and an authentic snap brought about by a unique crimping and heating process.

They’re simply amazing, won’t break the bank, and are leaders among other synthetics. 

If you want to get on board the train of synthetics’ future, you need these brushes in your life. Insane performance, endurance, power, and a cost that can’t be beat make them the pro-athletes of synthetic brushes.

Who wouldn’t want these players in their lineup? We can’t wait for you to experience them, so check them out now!