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Trekell Paint Shapers

Celebrity chef Alton Brown once said, “The only unitasker allowed in my kitchen is a fire extinguisher.” As artists, many of us are collectors by design. But Alton’s rule of thumb is a good one. Why clutter your studio with single-function tools, when there are so many great multi-function tools available?

Trekell Paint Shapers | Trekell Art Supply

Artwork By: Bryan Mark Taylor

We recently discussed Trekell Palette Knives. Not only can you mix paint with them, but you can also apply it or scrap it off your canvas. We've seen artists use all different types of tools on their canvases. You don't always have to paint with brushes.

Trekell’s Paint Shapers add another versatile multi-functional tool to your art supply arsenal. Our Paint Shapers come in three sizes, 1", 1 ½" and  2". These flexible silicone tools are perfect for painting, drawing, lifting and blending oils and acrylics.

The Paint Shapers, large flat surfaces can be used like a spatula and their narrow edges are great for drawing precise lines. With a silicone head, these shaper brushes apply mediums smoothly and evenly to nearly any surface. Even time-consuming mediums, like gesso, go on clean and easy with a few deft swipes.

Trekell Paint Shapers | Trekell Art Supply

But a Trekell Paint Shaper doesn’t stop there. Use it like a brush to create incredible textures. Use it like a removal tool to fix mistakes or return a well-used pallet back to new. Use it as a tool for sculpting or with encaustics - after all, the silicone is heat-resistant! Create, fix, or clean up, a Trekell Paint Shaper can do it all.

Last, but certainly not least, you know that we are sticklers for taking care of your tools. The silicone Paint Shapers are easy to wipe clean and can be washed with soap and warm water.

Trekell Paint Shapers | Trekell Art Supply

A Trekell Paint Shaper’s ultimate utility is only limited by your imagination. It’s time to tap into its infinite possibilities. Eating, breathing, sleeping...and making art! Unlock your creativity with a Trekell Paint Shaper today.

Main Image Artwork: Bryan Mark Taylor

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