Trekell x Gamblin Toned Ground Panels

Trekell x Gamblin Limited Edition Toned Ground Panels: Enhance Your Painting Experience

Just like a writer needs a blank sheet of paper, every artist requires a foundation for their masterpiece. That's where Trekell x Gamblin Limited Edition Toned Ground Panels come in. These panels offer a non-white surface that brings numerous advantages to your painting process. With Toned Ground, you can capture temperature, establish unity, easily distinguish dark and light passages, and create color harmony through exposed traces. Let's explore the benefits of painting on a Toned Ground and the color options available.

    Why paint on a non-white surface?

    Choosing a Toned Ground allows you to:

    1. Capture temperature or complement it: Selecting a Toned Ground that replicates the color of the light you're painting in sets the temperature and creates visual harmony. You can also balance the temperature by choosing a complementary Toned Ground to the scene's light.

    2. Establish unity in the first few strokes: Toned Grounds are easy on the eyes, offering a toned surface that allows your initial marks to appear unified and cohesive.

    3. Easily see passages of dark and light: Starting with a Toned Ground makes it easier to block in the darkest darks and lightest lights, providing a moderate base that allows you to paint highlights and shadows with intention.

    4. Create color harmony through exposed traces: Unlike a white canvas, leaving unpainted bits on a Toned Ground enhances your painting. Exposed traces of Toned Ground pull the painting together, amplify color harmony, and suggest completeness and unity.

    The colors:

    Trekell x Gamblin Limited Edition Toned Ground Panels are available in four captivating colors:

    • Warm Birch: An earthy yellow that conveys warmth and captures summer light, ideal for plein air painting on sunny days.
      Trekell x Gamblin Toned Ground Warm Birch Panel
      • Neutral Grey: A versatile choice for winter scenes, moody days, or as a contrasting color for painting warm light. It provides an excellent unbiased base.

        Trekell x Gamblin Toned Ground Neutral Grey Panel

        • Warm Grey: A violet-leaning grey that offers visual interest and unity without over-influencing the overall temperature of the painting.

          Trekell x Gamblin Toned Ground Warm Grey Panel

          • Raw Linen: This brown-grey hue provides a natural backdrop inspired by centuries of oil painting tradition.
            Trekell x Gamblin Toned Ground Raw Linen Panel

            Trekell x Gamblin Collaboration:

            The Limited Edition Toned Ground Panels are the result of a two-year collaboration between Trekell and Gamblin, incorporating valuable insights from artists and rigorous testing. These panels represent the best of both worlds, offering high-quality materials and refined color choices.

            Try a Limited Edition Toned Ground Panel Today:

            We believe we've created something special, but we always value artists' feedback. The Toned Ground hardboard panels are a test and an opportunity for input before expanding the range of Toned Grounds to cater to artists' preferences and allow for repurposing and reusing surfaces from old paintings. We are eager to hear your ideas and continue the journey together.

            Discover the advantages of painting on Trekell x Gamblin Limited Edition Toned Ground Panels. From capturing temperature to creating color harmony, these panels provide a solid foundation for your artistic vision. With four captivating colors to choose from, you can find the perfect Toned Ground for your artwork. Join us in this collaborative journey and try these panels while supplies last. Your work and ideas inspire us, and together, we can push the boundaries of creativity.