Trekell 2023 Pro Team Artists

Introducing our 2023 Pro Team Artists!

The Trekell Pro Team is comprised of several wildly talented artists, like Greg "Craola" Simkins, Glenn Arthur and Sean Cheetham. For nearly a decade, we have been adding to this remarkable group by holding an annual Pro Team search.

We would first like to thank all of our applicants this year. We received many amazing submissions from artists worldwide, but only had room for three. The decision was quite difficult to make and was, in no way, taken lightly.

That being said… we, here at Trekell, are proud to introduce our Class of 2023 Pro Team Members; Stephanie Buscema, Nick Eisele and Jared Brady.


 Trekell Pro Team Artist Stephanie Buscema


Stephanie is a New York based painter, illustrator and designer working traditionally with gouache and watercolor paints. Inspired by design of the past, folklore, mythology, literature and the natural (and supernatural) world, her colorful work can be seen everywhere from commercial illustration to fashion.

She discovered a love of working with gouache paints while studying illustration at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, which soon led to working full time in the Illustration industry in the early 2000’s.

Since then, she’s worked on a wide variety of projects-from picture and comic books, toys, character design and licensing to accessory and textile design. Keeping true to her love of handmade, she continues to create art using traditional image making methods.

Trekell Pro Team Artist Stephanie Buscema

When time allows, creating personal works, participating in gallery exhibitions and designing new creations and textiles for her shops are at the top of the to-do list. 

“As someone who works primarily with gouache, Trekell brushes have been a game changer. It’s important for my brushes to be daily workhorses, to hold water efficiently and keep their shape and spring with lots of use. When I first started working with Trekell brushes, I fell in love with the Golden Taklons for washes, blending and textures. Soon after, the Protégé and Protégé Plus brushes became fast favorites, the precision and line quality I can achieve with them is unmatched.”


 Trekell Pro Team Artist Nick Eisele


Born in 1992, Nick Eisele is an American artist from Houston, Texas currently specializing in still life painting. He is known for his dynamic depiction of light and shadow and for his use of vibrant color. His aim is to push the boundaries of ordinary objects to create alluring and unique effects in each of his paintings.

His larger compositions take up to several months to complete. However, Eisele is also an accomplished alla prima painter, and is known for short format videos on social media of one-sitting still life's. His body of work is characterized by bold design and lustrous surface effects.

Trekell Pro Team Artist Nick Eisele

Eisele has received recognition from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, the Art Renewal Center, and the American Museum of the Cowboy. He has been featured in "American Art Collector" and "International Artist" magazines and his solo show "Oil + Light" was reviewed by the Washington Post. He has won first place in prestigious exhibitions including NOAPS Best of America Small Works. In recent years, Eisele has been focusing on developing his reputation as an international realist. He currently resides in Central Mexico.

“Trekell products make up a lot of my toolkit. Everything that Trekell does reflects a sincere appreciation for the craft of art-making. Trekell creates quality products designed with artists in mind, interacts with the public with genuine humanity, and fosters community through contests and engagement. It is a company that I enthusiastically use and recommend to others because of that dedication to quality and respect for artists.”


Trekell Pro Team Artist Jared Brady


Jared Brady is a representational artist working mainly in oils. After being introduced to oil painting and the representational art world at age 16 by artist Ken Shanika, Jared has since dedicated his time to honing his craft. He has continued his education through workshops with artists including Quang Ho and Daniel Keys.

He continues to explore new visual concepts and subject matter and is excited by the countless possibilities of art. “There is beauty everywhere I look. The same visual concepts that excite me in a grand vista can also be found in a simple still life.”

A current theme Jared is exploring is forest landscapes. “Something about the forest has always transfixed me. The abstraction, flow, and complexity has always drawn me to it. I find that when a subject seems too difficult or out of reach, I gain so much when I push myself to take it on.”

Trekell Pro Team Artist Jared Brady

Jared Brady currently resides in Colorado and has been a featured artist in Southwest Art Magazine, 21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2019, and Western Art & Architecture, Illuminations: Artist Spotlights 2019

“I absolutely love using Trekell products! I know I can always depend on the quality, from brushes to their panels. Using the right materials can make such a huge difference when painting. Little things like knowing that you can get the exact shape you want with a sharp brush edge and having the confidence in the materials is so important to the creative process.”

We are so excited to welcome our 3 new additions to the team!