Stephanie Buscema

Stephanie Buscema

Stephanie is a New York based painter, illustrator and designer working traditionally with gouache and watercolor paints. Inspired by design of the past, folklore, mythology, literature and the natural (and supernatural) world, her colorful work can be seen everywhere from commercial illustration to fashion.

She discovered a love of working with gouache paints while studying illustration at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, which soon led to working full time in the Illustration industry in the early 2000’s.

Stephanie Buscema Trekell Pro Team Artist

Since then, she’s worked on a wide variety of projects-from picture and comic books, toys, character design and licensing to accessory and textile design. Keeping true to her love of handmade, she continues to create art using traditional image making methods.

When time allows, creating personal works, participating in gallery exhibitions and designing new creations and textiles for her shops are at the top of the to-do list.  

Stephanie Buscema Trekell Pro Team Artist
Stephanie Buscema Trekell Pro Team Artist
Stephanie Buscema Trekell Pro Team Artist


“As someone who works primarily with gouache, Trekell brushes have been a game changer. It’s important for my brushes to be daily workhorses, to hold water efficiently and keep their shape and spring with lots of use. When I first started working with Trekell brushes, I fell in love with the Golden Taklons for washes, blending and textures. Soon after, the Protégé and Protégé Plus brushes became fast favorites, the precision and line quality I can achieve with them is unmatched”.

Favorite Products:

Protégé Plus Round 6" Short Handle

Golden Taklon 6" Short Handle

Holbein Acryla Gouache

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