Nick Eisele Trekell Pro Team Artist

Nick Eisele

Born in 1992, Nick Eisele is an American artist from Houston, Texas. Eisele originally intended to pursue a career in concept art and design. To this end he graduated in 2014 with a degree in Visualization from Texas A&M University.

However, during his program he was exposed to traditional art classes like figure drawing and painting. Eisele decided what he really wanted to dedicate himself to was classical oil painting.

A long time admirer of Emil Carlsen, Rembrandt, and John Singer Sargent, Eisele set out to find a program that would teach him the techniques of the Old Masters.

Nick Eisele Trekell Pro Team Artist

His search led him to enroll in the historical Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland. It was there that he developed not only his technical abilities, but also an appreciation for the craft of material making. 

Currently Eisele specializes in still life painting. He is known for his dynamic depiction of light and shadow and for his use of vibrant color. His aim is to push the boundaries of ordinary objects to create alluring and unique effects in each of his paintings.

Nick Eisele Trekell Pro Team Artist

His larger compositions take up to several months to complete. However, Eisele is also an accomplished alla prima painter, and is known for short format videos on social media of one-sitting still life's. His body of work is characterized by bold design and lustrous surface effects.

Nick Eisele Trekell Pro Team Artist

Eisele has received recognition from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, the Art Renewal Center, and the American Museum of the Cowboy. He has been featured in "American Art Collector" and "International Artist" magazines and his solo show "Oil + Light" was reviewed by the Washington Post. He has won first place in prestigious exhibitions including NOAPS Best of America Small Works. In recent years, Eisele has been focusing on developing his reputation as an international realist. He currently resides in Central Mexico.

Nick Eisele Trekell Pro Team Artist

Favorite Trekell Products-

Filbert Hog Bristle Brushes

Filbert Opal Synthetic

Oil Primed ACM Panels

Linseed Oil Soap

Brush Restorer

My professional ambition is to present my collectors with a painting that is not only beautiful, but meticulously crafted from the support up. I am uncompromising about the materials that I use.

Where low quality products can detract from an otherwise masterful work, quality products ensure a painting's longevity and give it a rich, flawless presentation. 


Trekell products make up a lot of my toolkit. Everything that Trekkell does reflects a sincere appreciation for the craft of art-making. Trekkell creates quality products designed with artists in mind, interacts with the public with genuine humanity, and fosters community through contests and engagement. It is a company that I enthusiastically use and recommend to others because of that dedication to quality and respect for artists.

My go to Trekell Brushes are the Filbert Hog Bristles and Filbert Opal Synthetics. I typically paint with a direct approach which requires an aggressive and stiff brush. I love the way you can load up the Trekell Hog Bristles with paint for nice creamy, intentional brushstrokes.

If I am in a more delicate mind-set I go for the synthetic Opals. They hold their shape extremely well which allows me to know exactly what each brush stroke will look like. The Opals are also just soft enough to allow me to meld, blend and layer strokes together with control.

Although it is fun to play around with other shapes, I prefer the Filbert shaped brushes. It gives the best of both worlds; the precision of sharp linear brush strokes as well as the boldness of thick, broad strokes. This allows me to start and finish a painting using only a single brush. Which I am thankful for once it is time to clean up!

The Oil Primed ACM Panels are my favorite Trekell support. They offer a pleasant texture to work on. The panel grabs the paint nicely without being overly absorbent.

These panels are at a great value making them easy to stock up on. The ACM backing makes them extremely light and easy to stack and store for future use. The subtle design of the beveled edges gives the panels a sleek and professional finish.

I am a HUGE fan of the Linseed Oil Soap and Brush Restorer. As I mentioned above, I love Hog Bristle brushes but I hate when the bristles splay out after a few aggressive painting sessions.

The soap removes the oil paint from within the bristles more thoroughly than any other soap I have tried. The Brush Restorer gives brushes that crisp, fresh from the store feeling and shape every time. These two products have been life changing in allowing me to keep my brushes in working condition much longer.

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