Trekell Brush Restorer - 4oz

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Many explorers searched high and low for the Fountain of Youth, but Trekell found the secret formula... well, as long as you're a brush. Offered in a long-lasting 4 ounce glass jar, Trekell Brush Restorer will lengthen the life of your most trusted tools, freeing up your brush budget to be applied to other buys. After cleaning your brush with a brush soap, the brush restorer should be applied and left to dry for the best effect. Trekell Soap and Brush Restorer: time has met its match.

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Amy R.
United States United States
Brush Restorer

This is a great product. It really saves the tip of my brushes. I paint with acrylic in a fairly tight fashion, so a good point is a necessity.

Michael .
United States United States

Brushes have that new feeling every time I got to use them. This container it well worth it, it will last me years!

Autumn S.
United States United States
Kindest thing you can do for your brushes.

I picked up a sample size of this for class, for years I have used the old soap up and let dry trick to try and keep my brushes some what protected. I figured I would give this a go. After realizing that the soap left my brushes and skin much less dried out I gave the restorer a good try and was shocked by how much it helped. Not only did it bring back older brushes I had given up on ever seeing a sharp tip on again, it allowed me to give my newer brushes a bit of protection as once they are dry I store them sitting in a cup on my desk and like most cat owners I can't always keep the cats from rubbing against them, I went from resigned as I picked out hair and trying to find some way to protect them, to pulling out my brushes with their clean tips ready to go with a gentle swish of water. This has become so indispensable to me that when the jar was knocked over, I was ordering a replacement at the same time I was using the shop back to clean up the spill.

United States United States
Great stuff!

This product, along with the brush soap, has (so far) fixed the ongoing problem of my brush bristles separating and losing their edge. It's terrific, and I've only been using it for a couple weeks, but I think it's going to be a permanent fixture on my studio. I've used cheap as well as expensive brushes, and eventually they all get to the point where I can't use them. My art style uses very distinctive brush strokes and so it's been frustrating having to continually replace my brushes. I also ordered a few brushes from Trekell but haven't used them enough yet to give an opinion, but first impressions are great there too!

Michael M.
United States United States
Works great!

I have used a sample version of this. I liked it so much I bought the bottle.

John O.
United States United States
I always use this.

I don’t know what’s in this but the next day my brushes are like new. I love it.



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