Frank Montano

Frank Montano

Medium of Choice: Resin, Vinyl and Acrylic

“I am really exited to be part of the 2024 Trekell Pro Team. I’m a big fan of how Trekell embraces the art culture and more importantly brings a creative family together. Let’s create something!"


Creating 3D art has been a passion for Frank Montano, for over a decade. From concept to finished painting, he shares the process of his art to inspire the next generation while immersing himself in the experience one project at a time.


Frank, known as "Feast”, was born in San Jose, California. A 90’s kid raised on Saturday morning cartoons and the toys of his favorite characters. He now resides in Seattle Washington, where he runs The Feast Studio as a full time creative. It's a small space where he creates artwork inspired by his childhood cartoons and pop culture.



He is a father of three kids, who share Franks passion and excitement for art. When he makes time for his hobbies, they typically are Bass Fishing, BMX and running.



Franks work is produced through digital sculpting, 3d printing and hand painting. You’ll find a signature appearance in all of his work. The subtle textures he achieves in his finishes complement the clay-like appearance. In a sense, he is creating the toys he wishes he had as a child. 


He has used Trekell brushes for over 10 years and since has never had a reason to pick up another brand of brush. His favorite brushes are the Golden Taklons and are showcased throughout his videos. The scripts, rounds and flats are his go-to brushes, but the 5/0 script is his favorite. He uses it all of the time on his Resin Sculptures. It allows him to paint along the form of his designs with ease and precision.

Artist Links: Website, Instagram, YouTube, Patreon


Frank's Picks


Trekell Golden Taklon Brushes