Stephen Bauman

Stephen Bauman

Medium of Choice: Oil

"Trekell's hog bristle brushes are perfect for oil paints, blending toughness with flexibility for everything from thick applications to fine details. They keep their shape well, even with heavy use, offering consistent performance that artists can count on.

The Golden Taklon brushes are my other go to brush type for oil paints, mimicking natural hair to allow for smooth and soft application and the blending needed for more detailed work. They're especially good for precise techniques like glazing scumbling, with synthetic fibers that resist the general wear and tear associated with this process. 

Trekell's Hog Bristle and Golden Taklon brushes embody the qualities that professional artists need: durability, control, and versatility. Their construction speaks to a deep understanding of artists' needs, offering tools that withstand the physical demands of painting and perform reliably no matter the technique."

Stephen Bauman was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1980, but his family relocated to Miami, Florida shortly thereafter. It was in Miami that he started to delve into the world of graffiti, inspired by his older brother. Bauman's childhood was deeply rooted in the arts, with easy access to paints and sketchbooks. During his teenage years, he expanded his canvas to local walls and warehouses, where he practiced painting on a grander scale. This early engagement provided him with a solid foundation in the basics of design and drawing.

However, the period from 2003 to 2009, spent at the Florence Academy of Art, was a pivotal phase in Bauman's artistic development. During his tenure there, both as a student and later as an instructor, he began to perceive the human figure under a new light. His mentors stressed the significance of appreciating beauty in proportions, advising against viewing facial features as isolated elements. Instead, they encouraged a holistic consideration of the head's structure and anatomy, and the ambiance enveloping the model. This approach profoundly altered Bauman's perspective on art.

He dedicated 12 years to teaching in the drawing and painting program at the Florence Academy of Art and served as the director of the Anatomy & Ecorche Department for six years, initially in Sweden and subsequently in the USA.

In 2020, Bauman departed from the academy to dedicate himself entirely to his art career and his own online academy. His current work is intensely focused on the human figure, endeavoring to capture its essence and emotional depth through the interplay of color, line, texture, and the distinctive characteristics of the mediums he uses, such as oil paint, watercolor, graphite, and charcoal.

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