Medium of Choice: Acrylic & Watercolor

“I began using Trekell brushes many years ago and haven't looked back. At first it was because the price made them very affordable but the more I used them, the more I loved how they worked. I soon became attached to the Golden Taklons, which are what my sets are composed of, and I knew I could depend on them for the effects I desired when painting. It has been an honor working with Trekell over the years and watching the company grow and I am honored to have a small part in what the company is doing."

Glenn Arthur is a self-taught visual artist from Orange County, California. Born in February of 1979, he grew up  a conservative, religious household with little to no influence in art. After shedding his roots he quickly realized that creating art would be his calling.

Although he constantly doodled and sketched throughout his youth, Glenn did not come into painting until his late twenties when a friend forced a paintbrush into his hand and said “You need to do this!”

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