Nicole Gustafsson

Nicole Gustafsson

Nicole Gustafsson

Medium of Choice: Acryla Gouache

“I first fell in love with Trekell wood panels many years ago when I was researching different wood substrates to paint on. Before I found Trekell, I was making my own panels or trying different brands that just didn’t meet the quality I was looking for. I started using Trekell panels and never looked back - they are such a delight to paint on and offer a huge range of sizes. I love the deep cradle and floater wood panels which give a polished look to display your paintings. My favorite brush is Trekell’s Golden Taklon which works awesome with acryla gouache and keep their point wonderfully even when doing fine details.Trekell continues to innovate and inspire me with their new panel shapes, limited edition products and artists series brushes.”


Nicole Gustafsson is a 90’s kid that grew up in Northeast Nebraska and spent much of her time playing in the park across the street from her childhood home. Exploring in the park and digging around the roots of trees, developed her early interest in wildlife and nature which grew into a lifelong interest in the environment. Nicole always loved drawing and started showing in local galleries in 2006, eventually branching out to other galleries across the country in the following years.

During this time Nicole also developed her online brand “Nimasprout” - illustrating for greeting cards, bookmarks and developing animal characters featured frequently in her artwork. Nicole lives in the Pacific Northwest and works as a full time artist specializing in traditional media paintings.

Acryla gouache is her favorite medium to work with, but also loves experimenting with pigmented and acrylic inks. Wonders of the natural world continue to be a major theme in Nicole’s artwork - illustrating everything from adventuring animals to seascape studies of the Pacific Northwest. Nicole enjoys balancing her painting career with reading and hanging out in the garden with her partner and pup crew.

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