TONY CURANAJ | Trekell Art Supply


Trekell Pro Team Artist
Medium of Choice: Oil

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TONY CURANAJ | Trekell Art Supply

My progression as an artist to contemporary realism evolved with my perception of the world and our human experiences in it. I began to sublimate my creative expression toward work of greater skill, precision in execution and clarity in thought. The subject matter of my still life, tromp l’ oeil and figures represent the complexity of an individual’s observation as well as a love and respect for nature and life. Some paintings are a visual play on words or ideas that are part of my experiences.

TONY CURANAJ | Trekell Art Supply

Other pieces reflect the simple beauty I may find in seemingly ordinary objects composed together, influences of color in nature or the splendor of the human form. In every piece that I create, I aspire for authenticity in subject, harmony of color and resonance of light and shadow. By painting from life and with meticulous detail, my hopes are that the viewer will observe my work as I observe life, with the impact and integrity of the large idea supported by the importance and intricacy of the smallest nuance.

TONY CURANAJ | Trekell Art Supply

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