Victor Roman | Trekell Art Supply

Victor Roman

Trekell Pro Artist
Medium of Choice: Oil

“I love using Trekell brand brushes and panels because of the quality, affordability and ease of purchase via website. But what sets them apart from the competition is the human presence in communication with the brand. Whether it be troubleshooting or answering questions about brush difference, Trekell responds with a timely and educated answer. This brand establishes a real connection with the artists they provide service to."

Victor Roman | Trekell Art Supply

As a young child, Victor would receive art pieces through the mail from his uncle. Each drawing was in pen but the surface would vary. Victor later discovered that his uncle was sending these to him from San Quentin.

The drawings helped ground his uncle and keep him connected to life outside prison throughout his long years of confinement. It was the beautiful craftsmanship and extreme detail, along with the story told with these pieces that inspired Victor’s love of art, which you can see echoed in the art he produces.

Victor Roman | Trekell Art Supply

Victor Roman’s passion for expressing himself through art motivates him to sketch and paint whenever he can. On most days, you will find him painting in his studio until late into the night. Painting well into the evening shows his dedication to his craft, and after 3 years of study at Palomar College, Victor’s talent has grown exponentially. The subjects he paints evoke complex emotions in the viewer, who are challenged to consider their feelings and develop their own interpretation of his art.

Victor Roman | Trekell Art Supply

Music is a large part of Victor’s life. Throughout the day he listens to a variety of music but finds himself drawn to artists such as Portishead, A Perfect Circle and Leonard Cohen on his personal time. Victor’s art is influenced by music, but of a different kind. While he is working, Victor listens to music from areas of the world that he is unfamiliar with. The culturally indigenous sounds inspire and inform his work. He researches their area of origin and learns about the traditions and culture of the people who live there. He then produces a piece of work that best interprets the artists and cultures’ story.

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Golden Taklon - 6" Handle

  • Round - Size 5/0 
  • Round - Size 1
  • Round - Size 2
  • Filbert - Size 0
  • Filbert - Size 2
  • Filbert - Size 4