Josh Sorrell

Josh Sorrell

Medium of Choice: Oil

"Many years ago I was hunting for the perfect brushes. Every brush I tried would fall short because the bristles would start going all over the place after a few short months. Finally, I tried the “Opal” Flats from Trekell. As usual, I stayed skeptical for the first couple months, but then after they survived a whole year with minimal damage or “splaying”, I knew these were the ones for me. It's been a couple years for each brush I'm using currently, and they still perform almost like new brushes.

As a bonus, I started using Trekell's Gesso Primed Hardboard Panels after discovering their brushes. I love the unique texture they have on the surface along with the build quality!

I was very excited to hear the news that I would be part of their Pro Team! It's awesome knowing I get to help a company I've loved for years continue to grow!"

Josh Sorrell (1979) is a life-long resident of Iowa, growing up in the small rural city of Spencer. Leading up to his teenage years, not only did he revel in the act of drawing, but he also found joy in crafting wooden objects in his garage using tools from his grandpa. It was in these moments working alone that Sorrell found peace and introspection. His work today is greatly influenced by this natural desire to look inward.

As a teenager, Sorrell discovered his knack for drawing with great accuracy. Using this newfound ability, he was inspired to draw what he saw around him, often using other people as his muse. Despite his artistic inclinations, Sorrell's family encouraged him to focus on a more traditional career, which led him to become an architectural drafter and illustrator for fourteen years. During this time, Josh couldn't ignore his desire to create fine art. It wasn't until a friend was diagnosed with stage-four cancer that he realized his biggest regret in life would be not pursuing a life as a full-time artist. One month later in 2015, Sorrell relinquished his former occupation and embraced his true calling.

Since that moment, Sorrell has been cultivating a unique style of figurative art that is both ethereal and psychological. His artwork has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions across the nation. Josh’s work has also earned top awards in many juried art shows, and is collected internationally. Currently, Josh works from his studio at Mainframe Studios in Des Moines, Iowa.

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Trekell Opal Flat Brushes

Trekell Gesso Primed Hardboard Panels: 1 5/8", 7/8", 1/8"

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