Beyond the Brush.

Trekell promises to go beyond the brush and be the best for you. And, in the same way we make and design many versatile art supply products, that promise means many things.

We'll go beyond industry standards.

Because of our by-artists-for-artists insight, we painstakingly design products to meet a lofty commitment to high quality: our own. If they don't meet your standards, we want to hear about it because that means they don't meet ours.

We'll go beyond the sales pitches and corporate doublespeak.

We promise you'll know what you're buying and why it's right for you. You should have the info you need upfront to make informed purchases. As our Pro-Team knows, Trekell feels more like a family. You deserve to be treated like an artist. You're one of us.

We'll go beyond the art supply stagnation.

We promise to listen to you and recognize emerging trends. We want to make the best products right when you want them, or even before you know that you need them.

These are only some of the things that drive Trekell:

Quality, honesty, value, and innovation. But, most of all, it's this all-encompassing desire to go beyond. Because when we go beyond the brush, we find you.