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Stephanie Buscema 8-Piece Trekell Brush Set for Gouache

Stephanie Buscema 8-Piece Trekell Brush Set for Gouache

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Stephanie Buscema 8-Piece Trekell Brush Set for Gouache

Introducing the Stephanie Buscema 8-Piece Brush Set for Gouache, a meticulously crafted collection designed to elevate your artistic endeavors to new heights. Created in collaboration with acclaimed artist Stephanie Buscema, this set features premium synthetic bristles meticulously selected to meet the specific needs of gouache painters. From fine details to broad strokes, this versatile set offers a diverse range of brush shapes and sizes, including rounds, washes, and a filbert, ensuring precision and flexibility in your work. Ergonomically designed for comfort and durability, these brushes enable you to effortlessly manipulate gouache paints, allowing you to unleash your creativity with confidence. 

Ideal for precise linework, fine details, and layering:

  • #3/0 Protégé Round (7500 - 3/0)
  • #1 Protégé Round (7500 - 1)
  • #3 Protégé Round (7500-3)

Larger area coverage and fantastic water holding capability. Can be used for washes, water pick up, layering and dry brushing.

  •  #6 Protégé Round (7500 - 6)

For small area washes, blending, blocking, layering and creating texture/dry brush technique. 

  • 3/8" Protégé Wash (7510 - 3/8)
  • 1/2" Protégé Wash (7510 - 1/2)

For creating even washes and bases, larger area coverage. Great for wet on wet technique and blending.

  • 7/8" Protégé Wash (7510 - 7/8)

For blending, creating soft edges and layering.

  • #6 Golden Taklon Filbert (2020-6)

Enhance your gouache painting experience with the Stephanie Buscema 8-Piece Brush Set and discover the difference that quality brushes can make in your artwork.

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