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The Trekell Traveler - Organize and Protect Your Brushes in Style

The Trekell Traveler - Organize and Protect Your Brushes in Style

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Discover the perfect solution for organizing and protecting your cherished brushes with The Trekell Traveler. Crafted with care and designed for artists, these brush wraps offer a practical and stylish way to keep your brushes safe and accessible. Made from durable materials, they provide secure storage for a variety of brush sizes, ensuring your tools are always ready for your next creative adventure. With The Trekell Traveler, you can now travel with ease, knowing that your brushes are protected and neatly organized. 

  • Constructed from durable canvas material for long-lasting use.
  • Long Handle Wrap: Safely holds up to 12 brushes, keeping them organized and easily accessible.
  • Short Handle Wrap: Accommodates up to 10 brushes, providing secure storage and convenience.
  • Features the iconic Trekell Logo on the front, representing quality and authenticity.
  • Equipped with a convenient handle for effortless transport and on-the-go creativity.
  • Effortlessly roll up your brush wrap and secure it with the ties, ensuring compact and secure storage for your valuable brushes.

Upgrade your brush storage game today!

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