Limited Edition Mirror Panels

Limited Edition Mirror Panels

Mirrors have played a significant role in our history, our literature, our artwork and even pop culture. From the renaissance to disco balls, these reflective surfaces are just about everywhere. Decorative, enchanting, mesmerizing; sometimes narcissistic and even scientific, the mirror represents and symbolizes many things. Now’s your chance to interpret…



For a limited time only, channel your inner Snow White… or perhaps The Evil Queen… with one of our Mirror-Shaped Panels. Proudly made in the USA, each panel is 7” x 15” (with the frame width varying throughout) and is made from the highest quality (B/BB Grade) 1/2" thick raw Baltic Birch. The inner panel measures 4 ⅝” x 5 ⅞” with a ¼” gap/route and a keyhole in the back for hanging. Our wood panels will work with any media when properly prepped and finished; primed and sealed with the product(s) of your choice.

During this season of giving and always, art AND art supplies make great gifts! Challenge yourself and check a few people off of your list with some of our Mirror-Shaped Panels. These panels will only be available starting December 13th while supplies last… so stock up today!

Artwork by Glenn Arthur 

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