Explore the Limited Edition Mab Graves Set by Trekell Art Supplies

Explore the Limited Edition Mab Graves Set by Trekell Art Supplies

Trekell Pro Team Artist, Mab Graves, has curated an exclusive Limited Edition Set featuring her favorite Trekell brushes and panels. This captivating collection includes five synthetic brushes on multi-colored 4" handles, two Trekell Mini Gesso panels, and a bag adorned with a header card showcasing Mab's remarkable artwork. Discover the enchanting world of Mab Graves and unleash your creativity with this special set.

Meet Mab Graves: The Contemporary Pop-Surrealist Artist Behind the Set

Legend has it that Mab Graves was discovered in a cabbage patch on a cool Summer night. Despite being labeled as a "changeling," her parents named her Mab and she grew up to become a contemporary Pop-Surrealist artist. Currently residing in an old repurposed tavern in Indianapolis, IN, Mab finds inspiration in science, 1960s space culture, fairy tales, and classic literature. Her artwork is known for its deep symbolism and storytelling elements.


Explore the World of Mab Graves: Art, Inspiration, and Passion

Mab's passion for creation began at a young age, and she has been obsessed with art ever since she could hold a crayon. Being a self-taught artist, Mab initially explored graphite and pen mediums before discovering her love for painting in 2009. Despite being diagnosed with a condition she humorously calls "Terminal Artist," Mab spends around sixteen hours a day painting. Her work has been featured in print articles, magazines, and books, and has been showcased in galleries worldwide.

Join Drawlloween with Mab Graves: Inspiring Artists Worldwide

Every October, Mab hosts a creative event called Drawlloween. During this time, she shares a list of prompts that serve as inspiration for artists using any medium. Whether artists interpret the prompts loosely or literally, it's an opportunity to get inspired and participate in a vibrant artistic community.

In conclusion, the Limited Edition Set curated by artist Mab Graves offers a unique opportunity to explore her favorite Trekell brushes and panels. With her deep passion for art and a penchant for storytelling, Mab has created a collection that reflects her distinctive style and creativity. By immersing yourself in Mab's chosen tools, you can unlock new possibilities and unleash your own artistic expression.

Mab's journey as a self-taught artist and her dedication to painting serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists everywhere. Her work, infused with symbolism and influenced by science, space culture, fairy tales, and literature, has garnered recognition and global acclaim.

Additionally, Mab's annual Drawlloween event provides a platform for artists to find inspiration and join a supportive artistic community. The prompts offered during this event encourage artists to interpret and express their creativity using any medium they prefer.

With the Limited Edition Mab Graves Set, you not only acquire exceptional artistic tools but also become part of Mab's world, where imagination knows no bounds. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your artistic journey and create captivating works of art with the Trekell Art Supplies.

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