Mab Graves Limited Edition Brush + Panel Set

Mab Graves Limited Edition Brush + Panel Set

Trekell Pro Team Artist, Mab Graves, has compiled her favorite Trekell brushes and panels to create a new Limited Edition Set. Each set comes with 5 synthetic brushes on 4" multi-colored handles, as well as 2 Trekell Mini Gesso panels, all packaged in a bag with a header card featuring Mab's artwork.

Legend has it, Mab Graves was discovered in a cabbage patch on a cool Summer night several years ago. The note pinned to her blanket said CHANGELING but her parents decided they would call her Mab instead.

Mab Graves is a contemporary Pop-Surrealist artist living and painting in an old repurposed tavern in Indianapolis, IN with her adoring partner (photographer Larry Endicott), their cat, and an ever-growing collection of pink-haired Blythe dolls. Her work is inspired deeply by science, 1960s space culture, fairy tales and old classic literature. She adores narrative and includes deep symbolism and stories in all of her work.


Mab's passion for creation has been an overwhelming obsession since she could grip a crayon. A self-taught artist, Mab spent her childhood and teen years exploring graphite and pen mediums. Mab discovered painting in 2009. Around that time, she was diagnosed with “Terminal Artist”. A condition she lives with to this day.

Mab Graves, self-proclaimed World’s Worst Brush Mom (though she’s trying really hard to be better about using Trekell’s Brush Restorer), paints around sixteen hours a day. Her work appeared in print articles, magazines and books. And has been sold and shown in galleries globally.

Every October, Mab hosts a Drawlloween giving her fans a list of prompts that are meant to be little inspiration touchstones. The list is available to any artist using any medium. You can be as loose or as literal with them as you’d like. So check it out and get inspired.