Limited Edition Heart Panels: Express Your Love with Unique Artistic Canvases

Limited Edition Heart Panels: Express Your Love with Unique Artistic Canvases

For a limited time only, Trekell is excited to present our exclusive collection of Heart-Shaped Panels. Whether you're an art enthusiast, a romantic at heart, or simply looking for a special gift, these limited edition panels offer a creative and meaningful way to express your love. Available in three captivating styles – ANATOMICAL, SYMBOLIC, and CANDY – each panel is meticulously crafted from Baltic Birch, measuring 1/2" thick. With a convenient keyhole on the back for easy hanging, these panels are ready to adorn any space with love. But hurry, these panels will be available starting on January 3rd for a limited time, so seize the opportunity to stock up on these unique canvases before the love runs out!

Trekell Candy Heart Panel:

Trekell Candy Heart Panel


Trekell Candy Heart Panel

Introducing the newest addition to our Heart-Shaped Panel collection – the Candy Heart Panel. Inspired by the nostalgic sweetness of Valentine's Day candies, this delightful heart-shaped panel is sure to capture your imagination. Crafted with care and precision, the Candy Heart Panel is the perfect canvas to channel your creative energy and bring your heartfelt artistic visions to life.

Trekell Anatomical Heart Panel:

Trekell Anatomical Heart Panel


Delve into the intricate beauty of the human heart with our Anatomical Heart Panel. Drawing inspiration from Leonardo da Vinci's artistic exploration in the 15th century, this panel offers a unique interpretation of the anatomical heart. Leave room for imagination as you create artworks that celebrate the essential role of the heart in sustaining life. Display your artistic prowess and showcase your love for both art and science.

Trekell Symbolic Heart Panel:

Trekell Symbolic Heart Panel


Embrace the timeless symbolism of the heart with our Symbolic Heart Panel. From ancient times to modern-day culture, the heart has been an emblem of love and affection. Discover the captivating history behind the heart symbol, including its introduction in a French manuscript during medieval times. Let this panel be your canvas for expressing emotions, love stories, and the profound impact that the heart holds in our lives.

No matter the style – ANATOMICAL, SYMBOLIC, or CANDY – the heart continues to inspire artists to create masterpieces that evoke emotion, affection, and romantic love. Challenge yourself to think outside the box and explore the creative possibilities that these heart-shaped panels offer. Whether you're creating art for yourself, a loved one, or a cherished friend, these heart panels make exceptional gifts that speak volumes. Unleash your creativity and let your heart guide you on a transformative artistic journey with Trekell's Limited Edition Heart Panels.

Artwork by: Victor Roman

Main Image Artwork by: Andrew Cadima

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