Join the 2023 Trekell Pro Team!

Join the 2023 Trekell Pro Team!

Want to be our next Trekell Pro Team Artist?

We, here at Trekell, have an exciting announcement. We are currently accepting applications for artists to be a part of Trekell’s Pro Team!

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Just in case you have never heard of the Trekell Pro Team, or more likely have been so super busy making your own amazing artwork, let us tell you a little bit about this awesome group of creators. 

The Trekell Pro Team has been around since 2014 and is comprised of several wildly talented artists, like Greg "Craola" Simkins and Glenn Arthur… that just so happen to love using Trekell’s products.


Besides being associated with the likes of Greg, Glenn and the rest of our Pro Team artists; if chosen you will receive Trekell supplies, collaborate with us to create your very own product, be featured on our website and social media, judge contests, give feedback on product & apparel, work with us on videos, host webinars/classes sponsored by Trekell, earn cash and much, much more!

If you already love Trekell products and find yourself telling all of your friends about them, then this is the opportunity for you. Don’t wait, act now. Applications are only being accepted until January 31st, 2023.


Trekell Pro Team Artist Greg "Craola" Simkins

Greg Simkins began drawing at the early age of three. By the time he was eighteen, he had begun doing graffiti under the name “CRAOLA”. Graffiti art became his impetus for creating and gave him the confidence to paint large works.

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art from California State University of Long Beach in 1999, Simkins worked as an illustrator for various clothing companies, video games and bands.

In 2005, Simkins pursued his desire to paint as a full-time artist. Since then, he has been featured in numerous group exhibitions and had successfully sold out solo exhibitions.

In 2009, Simkins developed “IMSCARED”, his own brand of clothing, merchandise, accessories and even a short film to further expand his art into more everyday mediums that can be worn and enjoyed by his diverse fan base.

It is his careful weaving of pop culture, the old masters, nature, carnival kitsch, and (most importantly) his warped imagination, that makes Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins one of the most sought-after surrealist painters today.

“I began using Trekell brushes many years ago and haven't looked back. It has been an honor working with Trekell over the years and watching the company grow and I am honored to have a small part in what the company is doing."


Trekell Pro Team Artist Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur became interested in art at an early age trying to emulate every bit of pop culture he saw by drawing on napkins and notebook paper while constantly filling in coloring books with any colorful medium he could get his hands on.

Glenn studied art at bookstores, cafes, and libraries. Sitting in the stacks of the art section for hours on end, he would soak up whatever visually inspired him. His artistic style would become heavily influenced by the pinup illustrators of the 1940’s as well as the Art Nouveau movement of the late 1800’s.

Although he was constantly drawing and sketching, Glenn did not come into painting until his late twenties when a friend forced a paintbrush into his hand and said, “You need to do this!”

Glenn began showing his work publicly when a local gallery assistant insisted that he join their art show. Since then, Glenn has been exhibiting his paintings and drawings at galleries and art events all over the globe.

The influence of Glenn’s nostalgic past continues to inspire his art with a wink to bygone eras and a nod to the future. A touch of whimsy and a splash of the macabre can always be found in his work and every piece is lovingly punctuated by one of his signature hummingbirds.

“Trekell is an art supply company that truly cares about lifting up artists and providing them with the highest quality tools and support along their journeys. It’s been nearly a decade that I’ve been using Trekell’s art supplies and I plan to use them for decades to come."