Trekell Puzzle Piece Panel

Limited Edition Puzzle Piece Panels

January 29th is National Puzzle Day!

Here at Trekell, we’re honoring one of our favorite leisurely activities by producing puzzle-piece wood panels for a limited time only! These pieces are sold individually but can be put together to create a larger puzzle as well… how cool is that?!



All of Trekell's artist panels are made in the USA; handcrafted right here in our factory so we can keep a close eye on quality control by maintaining the highest manufacturing standards. Our 8" x 8" puzzle piece panels are made from the highest quality, B/BB Grade,  ½” Thick Baltic Birch and are ready to hang with a pre-drilled keyhole in the back. Our panels will work with any media when prepped properly, so feel free to seal & prime with the product of your choice.

Trekell Puzzle Piece Panel



National Puzzle Day is celebrated annually on January 29th. Although mapmaker John Spilsbury created the first jigsaw in 1767 - by gluing a map of the world onto a piece of wood and cutting out each individual country -  National Puzzle Day wasn’t created until 2002. 

Trekell Puzzle Piece Panel

Most artists tend to favor the right side of their brains, but scientists have discovered that both sides of our brains are utilized when working on puzzles - improving memory, cognitive function and problem-solving skills in the process.

So grab a piece or two… or ten… of our puzzle piece wood panels! And put your brain to work.  

Artwork by Victor Roman

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