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Linen Panels

Time is the biggest factor in the decision to use primed linen panels. As an artist, you would probably rather spend your time painting than priming.

Adding coats of primer to bare linen is a rather lengthy process compared to purchasing a primed panel and getting straight to work. Primed linen panels are available for several mediums, saving you time and money. 

Linen Panels | Trekell Art Supply

Many oil painters choose linen panels because of their sturdiness and less susceptibility to damage than a stretched canvas. When canvas is simply stretched over a frame, the underside of the painting is at risk of rotting, mold, mildew, and slackening.

Choosing primed linen panels over wood substrate or bare panels gives an artist a solid and durable painting support that will stand the test of time. Types of primed panels vary depending on which medium you intend to use. Let’s take a look at several types of primed linen panels:

Acrylic Primed Linen

  • Primed with two layers of titanium white and bound with glue, acrylic primed linen panels are top quality and allow you to work with confidence. Claessens Linen #13, imported from Belgium, is applied to a surface of Baltic Birch, Hardboard, or Aluminum Composite Material for a smooth end result ready for acrylic paints with none of your time spent on priming. 


Linen Panels | Trekell Art Supply


Lead Primed Linen

  • This treatment darkens or yellows in the absence of light but brightens when exposed to natural light for a few hours, so no need to be concerned over this effect. Lead Prime Linen panels are made from Belgian linen and primed with two layers of titanium white. The linen is bound to its panel with solvent-free Beva film and the end result is a very sturdy panel with very little texture. This allows for each and every brush stroke to be showcased and for your oil paints to flow unimpeded. We offer Lead Prime Linen panels in Baltic Birch, Hardboard, and Aluminum Composite Material panels.


Linen Panels | Trekell Art Supply


Oil Primed Linen

  • These panels save you so much time you might as well have added 10-12 days to your life. Primed for Oil painting, Oil Prime Linen panels are given one layer of zinc white bound with linseed oil, dried and sanded, and then given a coating layer based on titanium white. With drying time this is nearly a 2-week process. We offer Oil Prime Linen Panels in Baltic Birch, Hardboard, and Aluminum Composite Material panels. 


Linen Panels | Trekell Art Supply


Quadruple Oil Primed Linen

  • These panels combine Artfix L64C quadruple oil primed linen on Baltic Birch as well as hardboard and Aluminum Composite Material for a truly strong and durable oil painting surface. There is very little or no texture and these panels are hand-primed with a museum-quality end result. 


Linen Panels | Trekell Art Supply


If you’re looking for the best support for your art, using a primed linen panel will save you time and lend durability and strength to your work. Having the peace of mind that your painting will last for many years to come is priceless.

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