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Sentient Academy and Trekell

We are so very excited to announce our new partnership with the online art school, Sentient Academy!

If you’ve ever considered going to art school, there may have been some barriers keeping you from doing so. Location, cost, your age or other life circumstances are just a few things that might deter you from pursuing your dream of art education.

Sentient Academy has come up with a solution to break through all of those barriers and any others you can think of with its digital platform. Sentient is an online art school for artists, by artists. 

Founders Keith Huang and Bryan Mark Taylor are the masterminds behind Sentient Academy. Huang has a background in intensive fine art training, and Taylor is an award-winning painter. Both shared a vision of bringing art education to the world in the form of an online academy, and in 2019 Sentient Academy was born. 

Sentient Academy and Trekell | Trekell Art Supply

Melding the knowledge and experience of educators, which Sentient calls “Masters,” and a worldwide digital platform has resulted in an experience anyone in the world can take part in. Not just art education, Sentient offers career-focused art education designed to propel students forward into a successful career as an artist through its business curriculum. 

Sentient Academy and Trekell | Trekell Art Supply
Sentient Academy and Trekell | Trekell Art Supply

You can sign up for a FREE day pass to learn if Sentient Academy is right for you. Meanwhile, you can scroll around the website to view upcoming workshops, browse available courses, read about the Masters, and get an overall feel for all that Sentient Academy has to offer. Trekell is proud to partner with Sentient Academy as their art supplier of choice and looks forward to helping artists create successful careers for years to come. 


Below are the current Artist Brush sets offered in the Sentient Academy Collection -


Main Artwork by: Bryan Mark Taylor

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