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Trekell’s Opal Brush Series

We once knew a miniature pig named Opal. ‘Tis a great name for those of the porcine persuasion. Our Opal brush is synthetic hog bristle, so no actual Opals were harmed in its making. More than just an alternative to the real thing, however, our Opal Line offers a host of amazing features and benefits that help you create your best work. 

Artist Kim VanDerHoek, an oil painter specializing in urban scenes, shares her experience with Opal brushes in the video above. Watch her demonstrate all the shapes and detail which work best for different applications. You can see the snap, the way the brush holds the paint through each stroke, and the lack of bristle marks. 

Available in long, flat, long flat, bright, filbert, long filbert shapes, Opal brushes have sleek black and silver handles for excellent control. Some users even note that Trekell brushes are easy to spot among their other tools because of their unique silver band around the handle. The bristles of each Opal series brush are super durable, much like their natural counterpart, and keep their stiff shape through regular and heavy use. 

Great for oil painting or acrylic, Opal brushes also have the perfect snap, with a unique flow. They hold a thick stroke or allow you to lay down a thin wash without bristle marks. Their flow produces a rich texture unlike any other brush and the versatility of Opal brushes makes them a must-have for any artist. The Opal Series cleans up easily and takes a beating; be sure to add these brushes to your collection. 

These brushes are available separately in different shapes and sizes ranging from 0 to 12, or sold as completed sets. 

Below are the other Brush sets we offer, that include our Opal Brushes -

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