Trekell’s Great 30 Day Art Challenge

Trekell’s Great 30 Day Art Challenge

Trekell’s Great 30 Day Art Challenge

As if Trekell challenges couldn’t get any better, we have really topped ourselves this time with a 30 Day Challenge for March. We’ll be choosing a winner to receive a $25 gift certificate each day. If you enter every day of the challenge you’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize, a $250 gift certificate that will be awarded at the end of the month!

Trekell’s challenge is based on super amazing prompts from movies like Donnie Darko, Dazed and Confused, Pulp Fiction, A Clockwork Orange, and Evil Dead. How fun is that--all these movies have cult followings and following the prompts is going to make for some very interesting artwork, we’re convinced. You’ve seen the other challenges out there...they aren’t half as exciting as ours. 

To make this challenge even cooler--what?!--there will be highlighted days on which a few of our Pro Team Artists will choose the prompt as well as the winner.

Now that you’re sufficiently intrigued and dying to take part in this 30 Day Challenge, you’re probably wondering how to go about entering. It’s easy! Just visit our Instagram page every day to get the prompt, paint your entry, and post it on your account using #trekell30 so we can view your work.

If you’re just now hearing about our challenge, don’t worry--you can still complete all the prompts and have a chance to win the Grand Prize. Just make sure to use #trekell30 so we see your entries. Good luck to everyone, and we can’t wait to see what you create!

Check out the past daily prompts and our winners below -

Day 1 Winner: @larry_reinhart

Day 2 Winner: @beejay.oslon_art

Day 3 Winner: @choygana

Day 4 Winner: @kelsonreed

Day 5 Winner: @beejay.oslon_art

Day 6 Winner: @selfcultured

Day 7 Winner: @randlealisa

Day 8 Winner: @katelynmaypetty

Day 9 Winner: @shauntoots

Day 10 Winner: @choygana

Day 11 Winner: @zombiebrainzzz

Day 12 Winner: @woodlandstudioart

Day 13 Winner: @artbymarcel

Day 14 Winner:

Day 15 Winner: @beejay.oslon_art

Day 16 Winner: @hausofcurious

Day 17 Winner: @bcliston

Day 18 Winner: @amor_fineart

Day 19 Winner: @cmstrage

Day 20 Winner: @alvidr3z

Day 21 Winner: @morosemurdoch

Day 22 Winner: @theinklinggirl

Day 23 Winner: @antempa_art

Day 24 Winner: @marlousdraws

Day 25 Winner: @wilhelmmacguffin

Day 26 Winner: @jodihooverart

Day 27 Winner: @fogwaki_arts

Day 28 Winner: @artofmorituri

Day 29 Winner: @larahjorthoy

Day 30 Winner: @jjartattack


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