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Mop Brushes

Trekell offers its Oval Mop 6000 Series for artists interested in painting with watercolor, oil, or acrylic. Why are Trekell mop brushes so awesome? Because they do so much, hold up so well, and they don’t break the bank. 

What’s a mop brush for, anyway?

If you don’t know what a mop brush is, or what it’s used for, just imagine the associated action with the word “mop.” Usually, we think of the long-handled cleaning tool used for mopping up floors. A mop brush is similar in that it’s great for covering large areas when painting, especially when using watercolors. You probably know the technique as a “wash.”


Mop Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


Mop brushes are also useful for blending oil paints and acrylics.They can also blend media and soften areas that haven’t yet dried.

Mop Brushes | Trekell Art Supply
Artwork by: Marie Larkin

Yet another use for a mop brush is glazing. 
If you’re employing decoupage techniques or applying gold leaf, guess what? A mop brush makes a very handy tool for this as well!

Mop Brushes | Trekell Art Supply


The Trekell Mop Brush Experience

Trekell Oval Mop brushes feature short 6” silver and black handles for exacting control. The synthetic goat hairs are soft and fluffy and don’t shed like natural goat. Available separately in sizes ⅛”-1”, or as a set that will run you less than a hundred bucks, they’re affordable. Since they’re also durable and long-lasting, an artist who works with different types of paints could theoretically purchase a set specifically for oils, acrylics, and watercolors. With all these amazing benefits, we think our mop brushes will leave you anything but mopey. 

As mentioned above, here at Trekell we offer these brushes separately in sizes ⅛”-1”, or as a completed set.

Below are the other Brush sets we offer, that include our Mop Brush -


Main Image artwork done by: Tracy Lewis