Do You Want To Win Some Extra Cash? | Trekell Art Supply

Do You Want To Win Some Extra Cash?

Last month we teamed up with fellow artists, @relmartist and we brought you guys the Anatomical Heart Panels. Since they were such a hit, we decided we’d love to work with more artists on panel shapes and designs!

We want to see who the biggest fan of Trekell is, simply put. To enter, post a photo or video on Instagram, that expresses just how big of a Trekell fan you are! Make sure to tag us, @trekell_art_supplies and use the hashtag #ShowUsYourTrekell.

We’re looking for fun and creative entries. Don’t be shy and don’t hold back--we want to see your unique personality shine through. 

Maybe this means you pose in a fountain of Trekell paints. Maybe it means you paint yourself like Blue Man Group with a Trekell brush. Maybe it means you showcase work you’ve done using Trekell’s up to you, so impress us!

We will choose our favorite entry the first week of March and begin the collaboration. Check out some ideas here, #ShowUsYourTrekell.

Do You Want To Win Some Extra Cash? | Trekell Art Supply

What’s so great about Trekell panels?

In other words, why would you want to partner up and design a panel with us? Well, we handcraft all of our Baltic birch panels in house, for one.

Our panels are also really popular. Not “you can’t sit with us” popular, the good kind of popular that translates into lots of sales (of which you’d receive a cut)!

They come in basic geometric shapes, custom shapes, and floater styles that make each panel appear to be floating in a frame. Some of our limited edition panels can be seen here.


Do You Want To Win Some Extra Cash? | Trekell Art Supply

Artwork by: Shannon Cassinelli


Get Creative!
This is an amazing chance to show off your artistic talent. If we choose your entry, you'll help us design our next panel, you'll get a cut of the sales proceeds AND we’ll place your name/signature on the back of the panel. 

Now's your chance to show us just how much you love Trekell. Start sharing your photo entries now, you only have about two weeks left!