Trekell Acrylic Brushes

Trekell Acrylic Brushes

Trekell Acrylic Brushes

It was a dark and stormy night. There was nothing to do, nowhere to go. We got a spark of creativity, grabbed our Trekell acrylic brushes, and started slapping paint on canvases and boards. Ok, it wasn’t all that dramatic, but storytelling is key. Whether it’s scary, end-times stuff, or silver linings on happy little clouds, Trekell has you covered with brushes.

Here is a guide to Trekell’s brushes recommended for acrylic use:

Golden Taklon 6” handleThese are great synthetic hair brushes that are allergy-free with medium stiffness. They hold their shape well, keep their snap, and they’re versatile as well as durable.

Golden Taklon 10” handleThe longer-handled Golden Taklon features the same properties as its 6” handled sibling. Versatility, durability, and an all-around purposeful synthetic brush that comes in a variety of shapes.

Legion--Synthetic MongooseIf you’re into sustainability, these brushes are for you. Made of synthetic material, Legion brushes feel amazingly real and perform accordingly. Also, no mongooses are harmed so you can feel good about that. 

MopOur Mop brushes are synthetic goat hair. They don’t shed and they’re uniquely absorbent. Ideal for washes, Mop brushes are also fantastic for blending and adding texture. Did we mention they’re durable, too?

Onyx--Synthetic Squirrel Control, precision, no flare-outs. That’s the Onyx series of synthetic squirrel brushes in a nutshell. Affordability is an added factor so you can hoard these all you want. 

Opal--Synthetic HogOur Opal line of synthetic hog bristle brushes is perfect for the rigors of acrylic painting. Strength, durability, and resilient, an Opal brush also has a unique flow which produces a texture all its own. 

Pinstriping and Lettering If you’re using acrylic paints for any type of lettering or fine lines, you need a brush with super exact control. That’s what our Pinstriping and Lettering line of brushes offers. Take your calligraphy or sign-making to the next level with these intelligently designed brushes. 

SpectrumOur Spectrum line of brushes is perfect for your introduction to painting or an all-around workhorse that should be a staple in the collection of artists of every level. Made from synthetic fibers, these brushes are not only durable, but they hold their snap so you can count on them time and time again. 

Protégé--Synthetic Kolinsky - Our Protégé line of is an ingeniously engineered synthetic alternative to Kolinsky sable-hair. The Protégé Round brush boasts the same thirsty belly and insanely sharp point. These brushes are known for durability and not to mention affordability.



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