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Trekell Limited Edition Geometric Panels

Do you love painting on Trekell panels? How about painting on Trekell geometric shape panels? Does applying paint to a rigid wood surface give you a ton of satisfaction and make you feel like a total baddy? Do geometric shapes appeal to your inner mathematician? 

Artwork By: The Obanoth

Our permanent selection of geometric shaped panels includes ellipse, round, and square. These are all crowd-pleasers and available year-round. However, we decided to to bring back our limited edition geometric shaped panels for a limited time only! We'll be offering triangle, rhombus, hexagon, pentagon, and octagon shaped panels for one week only!

Artwork By: The Obanoth

Imagine the places these new geometric shape panels can take your creativity and art! The juxtaposition of soft, rounded artwork on a stark flat geometric shape gives the eye a run for its money. It’s here where the golden ratio meets creativity and beauty and gives new life to the already-done or mundane subject matter. Like haute couture displayed on an unexpected prop, panels that are shaped geometrically lend your artwork even more personality and life. 

Artwork By: The Obanoth

Our limited edition shapes will capture and inspire you, and delight both you and the viewers of your work. Get started today and grab several, because these only come around once. 

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