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Quill Mop 8000 Series

Quill Mop 8000 Series

Quill Mop 8000 Series

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Our synthetic squirrel line offers an equivalent to natural squirrel hair. Designed with control in mind, these brushes bring together precision and unhampered flow without the fear of flare outs. With 6" black handles, feel right when performing detailed work. But, more importantly, you can count on them to work correctly.

Having trouble finding legitimate squirrel hair brushes? Trekell to the rescue. These synthetic squirrel mop brushes are as close as one can get to the real thing. All of the virtues of squirrel hair brush are still present, but you won’t have to hunt high and low or pay a mint to acquire one. How about that for a compromise? Perfect for watercolors and laying large washes, our Synthetic Squirrel Mop Brushes excel at retaining fluids. Whatever they soak up will stay on the brush as long as you need it to. See if synthetic is right for you. Try one today.

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