Acrylic Paint: Heavy Body Acrylics vs. Fluid Acrylics | Trekell Art Supply

Acrylic Paint: Heavy Body Acrylics vs. Fluid Acrylics

When we think of acrylic paint we probably tend to think of pretty simple and straightforward projects and artwork. But is there more to learn about acrylic paint that we should know?

The answer is yes! There are different types of acrylic paint and they can be used for different applications. Let’s explore.

Acrylic Paint: Heavy Body Acrylics vs. Fluid Acrylics | Trekell Art Supply

What is acrylic paint?

Acrylic paint is made by suspending pigment in acrylic polymer emulsion. This process makes the medium fast-drying and water-soluble. When dry, acrylic paint becomes water-resistant.

The fun thing about acrylic paint is that you can dilute it with water or modify it with acrylic gels, mediums, or pastes and achieve cool effects. For example, if you dilute acrylic paint with water you can make an acrylic painting look like a watercolor.

Since acrylics are chemically made of synthetic materials they weren’t commercially available until the 1950s so are relatively new medium.

Another great thing about acrylics is that it’s super easy to clean out of brushes with soap and water; no harsh chemicals needed. 

What types of acrylic paints are there and what is each used for?

Heavy Body

Heavy body refers to the viscosity, or thickness, of the paint. Heavy body acrylic paints have a smooth consistency and a thick viscosity like that of butter.

The great thing about heavy body acrylics is that you can do so many things with them to manipulate them into different forms for different applications. You can make them thinner or thicker and use tools like knives to create textures and 3D appearance.

Another feature of heavy body is that the gloss will be different for each color due not using matting agents in the formula. This doesn’t mean the color changes but that the level of gloss will. 

Heavy body acrylic paints have no fillers, dyes, extenders, toners, or opacifiers added.

Acrylic Paint: Heavy Body Acrylics vs. Fluid Acrylics | Trekell Art Supply


Fluid acrylic paints are just as intense as heavy body but flow evenly and work well for dry brush application as well as pouring or even spraying. They mix well with other acrylics, heavy or fluid.

They can help reduce the waste of heavy body acrylics because you can add fluid to the unused heavy body--getting that last little bit out of the container that you couldn’t squeeze out before. 

Fluids offer the same pigment load as a heavy body acrylic but flow like heavy cream.

They are super versatile and have many uses and applications--even for airbrush work and on fabrics.

Fluids also provide smooth flowing applications and retain color, adhesion, tinting strength and film intensity. They are superb for tinting gels, mediums, gessoes and grounds.

Acrylic Paint: Heavy Body Acrylics vs. Fluid Acrylics | Trekell Art Supply

What kind of acrylic paints does Trekell offer?

Trekell has your acrylic paint needs covered. All of our acrylic paints are offered in an array of colors and different brands! We offer:

And not to mentioned an assortment of acrylic paint sets and kits! 

Trekell Products That Can Be Used With Acrylic Paints:

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