Brushes for Watercolor Painting

Brushes for Watercolor Painting

Brushes for Watercolor Painting

There is something so amazingly beautiful about watercolor paintings--the way the colors fade into each other so delicately and seamlessly, and the soft and subtle effects of the watered-down paint. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, chances are you can appreciate the medium of watercolor and the technical aspect of achieving a gorgeous painting with it. If you are just diving into painting with watercolors, you may be wondering whether you have the right tools. In this post, we’ll talk about brushes for watercolor painting. 

Do you need specific or special brushes when painting with watercolors? Yes, and no. 

You can use synthetic or natural brushes for watercolor painting. However, you should not use your natural brushes with acrylic paints because the chemicals in the acrylic paint can damage or break down the natural brushes. 

So what types of Trekell brushes are best for watercolor painting?

Golden Taklon brushes are the synthetic alternative to sable hair or boar bristles. These come in either a 10” or 6” handle, with nickel-plated brass ferrules. The brushes are medium stiffness, hold their shape, maintain their fine points, and won’t lose their snap. Golden Taklons are super versatile and great for use with watercolors as well as acrylics and oils. 

(Left: 10" Handle) (Right: 6" Handle) 

Kolinsky sable hair brushes are superb quality and made to last. They don’t shed and keep their points and snap, making them ideal for watercolor painting.

Our Mop brushes are synthetic for goat hair and are ideal for washes. They’re also amazing for creating texture as well as blending. With 6” handles, you have tons of control, and these fabulous brushes do not shed. 

Onyx brushes are synthetic for squirrel and are designed for peak control. Onyx brushes soak up exactly what you need and paint what you want without the fear of flare outs. Along with the ability to create a thin or thick line, the point allows you to keep the paint controlled in tight spaces. 

Artwork done by, Kelogsloops

Pinstriping and Lettering brushes come in both synthetic and a mix of synthetic filament and natural hair (Quill styles). These brushes hold a great amount of paint and offer consistency and smoothness.

Protege Synthetic Kolinsky Sable Hair brushes offer a thirsty belly and a sharp point and are a fantastic alternative to natural Kolinsky sable hair brushes. 

Artwork done by, Glenn Arthur

Red Sable brushes are a classic staple in any watercolorist’s toolbox. These allow you to paint thinly and evenly and have a very exact amount of control.

Spectrum synthetic brushes are a perfect introductory brush for a watercolor painting beginner, and you will probably enjoy painting with them so much that you’ll use them for years to come. They’re super durable and retain a next-level snap.



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