Amplify Your Creativity with Trekell's Speech Bubble Wood Panels

Amplify Your Creativity with Trekell's Speech Bubble Wood Panels

Explore the world of speech bubbles, an iconic element in graphic novels, comic books, and cartoons. Learn about their intriguing history and evolution as we introduce Trekell's Speech Bubble Panels. These 1/2" thick panels, crafted from Baltic Birch, are designed to ignite your creativity. Hurry, as supplies are limited, make sure to stock up on these unique canvases today!

The Evolution of Speech Bubbles: From Ancient Symbolism to Modern Art

The speech bubble (as we know it) first appeared in The Glasgow Looking Glass, what is regarded as the world’s first comic magazine, in 1825. Though it’s history goes much deeper…


Trekell Speech Bubble Baltic Birch Wooden Canvas

“Speech Scrolls” can be traced back as far as 650BC where Mesoamerican cultures used curved shapes in a hieroglyphic manner to symbolize a character’s speech. 

“Speech Bands” or “Banderoles”, which looked like unfurled strips of parchment with words, were used in 12th - 16th century European tapestries.

Roy Lichtenstein and the Pop Art Influence

Fast forward even further…

In the 1960’s Roy Lichtenstein used Speech Bubbles and other comic strip attributes such as flat, primary colors and ink-dot patterns in his Pop Art paintings. 

Now it’s your turn!

Unleash your creativity and embrace the legacy of speech bubbles with Trekell's Speech Bubble Wood Panels. Discover their intriguing history, from ancient symbolism to modern art influences. These Baltic Birch panels are ready to hang and waiting to be transformed into your unique creations. Don't miss out on this limited opportunity, stock up on Trekell's Speech Bubble Panels today and let your imagination take flight!

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