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Dan Schultz Sentient Brush Set

Dan Schultz Sentient Brush Set

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Brush set assembled by Dan Schultz for his oil painting courses through Sentient Academy

Dan Schultz's Sentient Brush Set:
(1) #2 Hog Bristle Long Flat (400LF-2)
(1) #4 Hog Bristle Long Flat (400LF-4)
(1) #6 Hog Bristle Long Flat (400LF-6)
(1) #8 Hog Bristle Long Flat (400LF-8)
(1) 1/8" Legion Long Grainer (9099L-1/8)
(1) 1/4" Legion Long Grainer (9099L-1/4)
(1) 3/8" Legion Long Grainer (9099L-3/8)

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