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Arches watercolor paper is known the world over for good reason. The long-running manufacturers have been a mainstay in the materials market since 1492, developing a tried-and-true approach out of their home base, the Arches Mill, in Lorraine, France. That's over five centuries of perfected excellence. The final product is a gift. 

Their paper's 100 percent cotton quality can take on tons of water without bending, buckling, or breaking. However, when Arches paper is combined with a panel, something even more magical happens. Using solvent-free and stainless Beva® film as a strong adhesive, these panels have an exquisite layer of Arches 260 lb./356 gsm cold press, acid-free paper as their surface. 

It's truly something to behold, and it's not just for watercolorists. These surfaces have a unique feel that will expand the horizons of any artist, no matter the chosen media. Trekell offers three Arches plus panel options: 1/4" and 1/8" wood and a 3/16" Gatorfoam version.
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