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Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes

Trekell’s Legion line of brushes are rare synthetic brushes that feel and perform like natural mongoose brushes.

You may be asking yourself, “Why not just use a natural mongoose brush?”

Well, you see - Mongoose are endangered species. Their main threat is habitat loss. So despite their hair making beautiful brushes, there really is no reason to harm these ridiculously cute creatures any further. In fact, the trade and sale of mongoose brushes is illegal (kind of a good enough reason, right?).

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell

Artwork by: Kai Lun Qu

Thankfully, the Legion performs like a natural mongoose brush, exhibiting exceptional control over oils & acrylics. The key difference is that the synthetic material is stronger and more durable. That makes it a winner from a sustainability standpoint, a guilt-free alternative that saves you money.

The Legion comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. From round to flat, filbert to fan, 5/0 to 20 there is something for everyone. You can even purchase them in complete sets. With 10" long, black and silver handles and a pleasing medium stiffness, the Legion is a joy to use over its long lifespan.

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell

Artwork by: Vanessa Lemen

When people think of a fine art brush, they picture a round. The iconic, rounded shape is versatile, allowing artists to lay down washes, fills, and lines of all sizes. Rounds on the larger side can efficiently transform wide surface areas with fewer strokes. Those with finer points excel at delicate lines and intricate details.
Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell



With medium-to-long bristles that form into a chisel-esque end, a flat brush is made to be maneuverable over large surface areas. Flat brushes are ideal for producing fluid streaks or long fine lines.

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell


The long flat, like the name suggests, is a longer flat brush with a subtly convex tip resembling a chisel. Known for holding its shape, a long flat is ideal if precision and control is needed when working with heavier paints. It has a superior snap, meaning it springs back to its original shape.

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell


The filbert's medium to long hairs come together in a soft oval, forming a perfect shape for figurative blending and for working within tight areas. The filbert is also a master of flow, making flat lines look rounded.

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell


Like its shorter counterpart, the long filbert comes in handy when you want a filbert's point, but need a brush with greater flexibility.

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell


The liner brush is similar to the script brush, just with a smaller, narrower shape. If a project calls for precision, such as lettering or tight outlines, a liner brush is the right choice.

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell


The spread out bristles give the fan brush its titular shape. It’s primarily known for creating multiple lines or dots that are uniform. It’s also commonly used to blend and shade backgrounds. That said, a fan brush can replicate a wide array of textures and special effects just by varying the technique.

Legion - Synthetic Mongoose Brushes | Trekell