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Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors

Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors

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Gamblin Artist's Oil Colors

Just look at these colors.

Gamblin Artist's Colors is a sight for sore eyes! When was the last time you saw a paint with this kind of depth?

Even when appearing on a page or screen, textures still pop like topography; you could reach out and touch it.

But there’s an intangible quality there, too. There's no other way to put it: it has an aura.

This paint radiates life, silently imparting the wisdom of the well-traveled. You have to try them!

Instead of a generic color wheel, Gamblin's oil paint reproduces the world around us in all of its multidimensional evocativeness.

Put more simply, this paint has a personality that comes through in each shade's respective temperature and vibrancy.

The physicality of this paint is similarly brilliant, adding a wonderful, playful extra dimension into the mix; a kinetic energy that you, the artist, will shape and mold.

Think of it all as both a paint and a welcome partner in creation and collaboration.

Gamblin Artists Colors is unique in the quality and ingenuity of its craft which should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed its namesake’s career.

Robert Gamblin has taken great pains to get it right since 1980, patiently building everything from the ground up, be it his paint, company, or the personal relationships he has forged in all corners of the art world. He and his team innovate through understanding. 

Each product that exhibits such a keen attention to detail because the creators have taken the time to digest and consider all of the questions.

Their queries run much deeper than surface aesthetics. Gamblin has achieved only through serious soul-searching, grappling with the philosophical and spiritual.

Naturally, that concern and compassion have manifested itself in forward-thinking business practices.

Gamblin Artists Colors’s website offers sections on sustainability along with accrued-over-decades technique and health and safety guides.

Yes, that’s right, a colorhouse that’s worried about your wellbeing.

At the end of the day, Gamblin Artists Colors is there to help you and that’s an ambition Trekell knows all too well.  Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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