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Cradled Hardboard Panels

Back by popular demand - Our Trekell Cradled Hardboard Panels! Now, more-than-ever, is the time to try these top-sellers! 

With the continued price increase on Baltic birch, our primed hardboard panels are a more affordable alternative to a raw Baltic birch panel. That’s right! You can receive a pre-primed hardboard panel, ready to paint on, for a fraction of the price of a raw Baltic birch panel that still needs prep work.

And did we mention these panels are just as archival as our Baltic birch? These tempered, 1/8” boards resist warping and edge-fraying. Each board is sealed with Golden’s GAC100 before we hand-roll a gesso or oil ground finish. We hope you enjoy painting on these panels as much as we enjoy building them!

Cradled Hardboard Panels | Trekell Art Supply

George H. Simkins, father of Trekell artist Greg Simkins, teamed up with Trekell to design these gorgeous wood panels. Featuring a Hardboard front panel and a basswood cradle, these panels find a balance between sturdiness and clean minimalism.

Working with only the finest materials allowed our USA-based craftsmen to achieve something extraordinary.

You may have used a wood panel before, but trust us, you've never used something like this. All panels are stamped with the Trekell/George H. Simkins logo as a seal of quality.

Trekell’s Oil Ground Hardboard and Gesso Primed Hardboard - 7/8" and 1⅝” - Profile Panels are made from primed hardboard and are available in nine different sizes ranging from 5” x 7” to 12” x 16”.

Supported by a durable basswood cradle measuring either 7/8” or 1⅝”-deep, these art panels have an aesthetically-appealing structural guard against warping. The panel’s front is sealed with Golden GAC100.

OIL GROUND HARDBOARD PANELSAfter being sealed with Golden GAC100, the Oil Ground Hardboard Panels are then primed with three coats of Gamblin Oil Ground. We did the prep, oil users. Now it’s time for you to create. Discover the freedom when your first step can be starting your masterpiece.

*Please be advised that Oil Ground darkens/yellows in the absence of light. Leaving your panel in natural light for a few hours will reverse the yellowing.*

Cradled Hardboard Panels | Trekell Art Supply

GESSO PRIMED HARDBOARD PANELSAfter being sealed with Golden GAC100, the Gesso Primed Hardboard Panels are then primed with four coats of gesso. Acrylic users, it doesn’t get any easier than this. And with these materials, it doesn’t get any nicer, either. Discover the freedom of a Gesso Primed Hardboard Panel.

We think our Hardboard Cradled Panels are pretty great! Don’t believe us?! Check out the reviews or better yet, try them for yourself. Let one of our panels be the foundation for your next creation!!

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