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Gamblin Artists Colors 

TGamblin is leading oil painting and printmaking into the future by making their materials according to historic methods and constantly improving them instead of doing things “the way they’ve always been done.”

This results in a superior product; all of their paints and mediums are made to be safer and more permanent. No unnatural solvents or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process nor the products themselves, making a premium experience for the artist.

Robert Gamblin began his education in art at the University of Oregon in the late 1960s. After finishing his post-grad work at the San Francisco Art Institute, he founded Gamblin Artists Colors in 1980 when he began making whites in his single-car garage in Portland, OR.

He wanted his everyday work to involve something as close to painting as possible and realized he didn’t know that much about paint. After 9 months in that garage, he had mastered whites and he began calling on businesses to sell them his products.

Then he expanded into colors. Years later, Gamblin Artists Colors had become the largest manufacturer of oil paints in the U.S.  Notably, Gamblin is the only company in the U.S. that makes only oils. You won’t find any acrylics or watercolors in Gamblin’s product line. 

Gamblin Artists Colors  | Trekell Art Supply

In the now-bustling factory, staff members mostly comprised of artists and musicians fuse and mix natural oils with pigments before the combination is moved onto a three-roll wheel which processes it into the proper viscosity and where its hue is revealed.

Workers use paddles to scrape off the paint into a mound of color, ready to be packaged. 

Gamblin Artists Colors  | Trekell Art Supply

Gamblin makes a regular line of paints for students and beginners called Gamblin 1980 Oil Colors using only 3 very pure ingredients.

The value comes from those ingredients--pure pigments, the finest refined linseed oil, and marble dust--that has been used since the beginning of oil painting itself.

Other manufacturers tend to try to reduce costs by adding gels and waxes and lower quality pigments. Gamblin refuses to lower standards that would result in an inferior product, hence the use of pure, unadulterated ingredients. 

Gamblin Artists Colors  | Trekell Art Supply

Gamblin Artist’s Oil Colors is the be-all, end-all of oil paints; the colors Robert Gamblin worked so hard to get right are full of energy and depth, enabling artists to bring life to their paintings along with the soul they themselves put into their works. 

Along with Gamblin’s beautiful oil paints, Trekell offers Gamblin Gamsol, natural Mediums, Ground Oil Primer, Gamvar Varnishes, and the fabulous Reclaimed Earth colors, a line of reclaimed pigments derived from post-manufacture pigments that had flowed into river waters. 

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