Limited Edition Coffee Cup Panels

Limited Edition Coffee Cup Panels

October 1st is International Coffee Day!

Here at Trekell, we’re honoring one of our favorite beverages by producing coffee cup-shaped panels for a limited time only.

From roasting to grinding to brewing - from fancy coffee drinks to latte foam - some say coffee is an art, in and of itself. Much like painting, a person’s coffee preference can be extremely unique and individualized. There’s drip, French press, cappuccinos, americanos, macchiatos, mochas… and don’t even get us started on sugars, milks & syrups!  

Artwork by Danica Sills

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Hot, chilled or iced…any way you serve it, most people take their coffee very seriously.


For a limited time only, espresso (see what we did there!) your love of coffee with one of our Coffee Cup-Shaped Panels. Made from 1/2" Baltic birch, our Coffee Cup Panels are 6.5" x 12", with a keyhole in the back for easy hanging. These panels will only be available for a limited time, so stock up before that “Cup of Joe” runs out!

Trekell Coffee Cup Panel Raw Wood Artist Canvas

Challenge yourself with a coffee cup-shaped canvas today!

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