Torrit Grey Contest

Torrit Grey Contest

Torrit Grey Contest


Here's how to enter:

Since Torrit Grey is technically made from the "left-overs" from the air filtration system, we'd like you to paint your left-overs using your Torrit Grey. Be sure to post your painting on instagram with your tube of Torrit Grey and use the hashtag #TrekellxTorrit

We will be awarding 5 different prizes for creativity, skill, etc. We'll be giving away the items below... 

A Gamblin prize package

$100 Trekell Gift Certificate

A Trekell Oil Gift Box

The Reclaimed Earth Set + Opal Brushes

A Trekell Oil Paint Kit

Contest ends on May 22nd so you have plenty of time to create! Get in on the celebration of Earth Day. Good luck!


Gamblins Torrit Grey - 

Have you ever heard of Gamblins Torrit Grey? This paint has been pretty popular since the 1990's! 

Gamblin decided to recycle pigment collected by their air filtration system, to protect workers in Gamblin’s manufacturing facility and make sure no one is exposed to pigment dust. Instead of disposing the high-quality pigments into a landfill, Gamblin recycles them into their Torrit Grey oil paint. This reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills and encourages responsible living and art-making. 

Torrit Grey will never be the same exact color - it varies from a medium dove grey to a dark, earthy grey. 

We've decided, why not have another contest using Gamblins Torrit Grey! If you've managed to get your hands on this paint, whether it be from 20 years ago, or today, you'll be able to enter.




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