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Medium of Choice: Oil

"I had seen artists using Trekell brushes for quite a few years but didn't try them until recently. From the first marks I laid down I was sold.

I'm really rough on my brushes and they hold up to my abuse. I've used the golden taklons with watercolor, acrylic and oil and they're very cooperative. It's an honor to be part of the Trekell Pro Team."

SEAN CHEETHAM | Trekell Art Supply

Sean Cheetham was born in 1977 in San Francisco, studied at the College of San Mateo, in California, and earned a B.F.A. degree with honors from Art Center College of Design, in Pasadena, California.

His paintings have been included in numerous significant exhibitions internationally including the National Portrait Gallery in London. He has a devoted following of collectors and art students that are inspired by his work and distinctive technique.

SEAN CHEETHAM | Trekell Art Supply

Primarily a figurative painter, Sean is known for his technical prowess in achieving accuracy and harmony in his alla prima paintings which he credits to a deep understanding of drawing and a system of mixing colors which he uses adeptly to govern shadows, mid-tones and highlights. 

In addition to having an exceptional ability to understand, draw, and paint the human form, Cheetham’s selection of subjects typically in familiar urban scenes contributes a truthful and often raw spirit that makes his work distinctive and a contemporary testimony of our time.

SEAN CHEETHAM | Trekell Art Supply

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