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Featured Artist

Grant Perry

Born in 1994 in rural Illinois, he moved to Texas as a young adult. Grant Perry is a realist painter who works in traditional methods.

From a young age, Grant developed an appreciation for the classical arts, learning to play the violin and piano and visiting art museums. Intrigued by the technical aspect of classical artworks, Grant sought the challenge of working in a similar manner. His parents encouraged his artistic pursuits and, after graduating high school in 2012, Grant was awarded a scholarship to study with Jacob Collins at the Grand Central Atelier (GCA) in New York City. At the age of 18 he moved to New York City to attend GCA, where he completed the rigorous four-year core program in painting, drawing, and sculpture. He has also been invited twice to participate in the Hudson River Fellowship, en-plein air painting in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Grant studied and practiced to become an accomplished figure, portrait and still-life painter.

He paints and draws entirely from life. After graduating Grant was a resident artist at GCA for 2 years; he now works out of his Texas-based studio.

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